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Mailmark Franking

As you may have heard, Mailmark franking is the brand new service released by Royal Mail. It is a alternative piece of franking technology that can be used in a wide range of postage machines in the UK. It is not mandatory to have in your postage machine, but it is advised to use as it brings many extra franking benefits. However as it is a new piece of technology, not many postage machines are currently Mailmark compliant. Find out more about the new Mailmark service below.


Mailmark Franking is a brand new service that has been released by Royal Mail during 2014. This new service gives businesses a new and improved way to prepare mail so Royal Mail can process mail easier and quicker. The new Mailmark frank is a cheaper and more effective alternative impression to the current frank used by all non compliant machines. Mailmark makes it easier for the Royal Mail to deliver mail and it will benefit any business that uses it.

New 2D Barcode Frank Example - Mailmark Franking

With Mailmark, your postage machine will be able to frank a brand new 2D barcode like the image to the right. Mailmark also allows you to frank the Royal Mail “delivered by” branding as well as the class of mail being sent. This will mean that your mail will look more professional as you can still frank company logo and / or return address. The new 2D barcode will bring many useful benefits, all of which can be seen below.

Mailmark Franking Benefits

As Mailmark franking is a new piece of technology, it will bring with it many useful and incredible extra franking benefits and features that will aid any business with the franking process. However, in order to gain these benefits your current postage machine will need an update from your franking machine supplier. Mailmark franking machines are needed so you can frank the brand new 2D Bar Code onto your mail, and this is what will give your the extra Mailmark Franking Benefits. View them below.

  • Price Differences – Mailmark will give you access to even lower franking reductions, saving you more money compared to when you do not use Mailmark. This price is lower than both stamp and frank prices, allowing you to do more with your mailing budget. View the Royal Mail 2014 Postage Rates here.
  • Postage Price Change Updates – You can now update your postage prices on the exact day the Royal Mail decide to change them. This will occur almost instantly in the compliant machine, and as it comes from Royal Mail there will not be any mistakes.
  • Never use an Analogue Line Again – You can now use a faster and more securer LAN network instead of a analogue line, allowing you to drop the analogue line for good.
  • Improved Professional Image – Present the most professional image that you possibly can with Mailmark as this will help improve customer response times and modernize the look of your mail items.
  • New Business Reply – Mailmark offers a new business reply which can help improve response times. It could help lead to greater profits for your business.
  • Track your mail with Enhanced Reporting – When using Mailmark, you gain access to a mail reporting Web App. This will show you real life data, and this will allow you to track mail and keep a closer eye on your sent mail.
  • MORE BENEFITS TO COME! – As Mailmark is a new piece of technology, more Mailmark benefits will be gained as it becomes more popular. For this reason we suggest visiting this page in the future as we will update our site with any new Mailmark benefits.

Mailmark Compliant Franking Machines

As far as are aware, there are currently only a few postage machines that are Mailmark compliant. View the most up to date list of Mailmark franking machines below.

Mailcoms Pitney Bowes Neopost Frama Francotyp Postalia / FP Mailing
Mailstart Plus DM110i IS240 / IS-240 Matrix F12 Postbase Mini
Mailbase DM160i IS280 / IS-280 Matrix F22 Mymail
Mailhub II DM220i IS330 / IS-330 Matrix F32 Postbase Qi3
Mailbase Pro DM300c IS350 / IS-350 Matrix F42 Postbase Qi4
Mailbase Plus DM400c IS420 / IS-420 Matrix F62 Postbase Qi6
Mailhub II Speed DM450c IS440 / IS-440 Matrix F82 Postbase Qi9
Mailbase Speed DM475 IS480 / IS-480 Centormail
Connect 500W Connect+® 1000
Connect+® 1000 Connect+® 2000
Connect+® 2000 Connect+® 3000

If you would like to know even more about the NEW Mailmark Franking service, then visit Franking Mailmark today and view an easy to follow guide to the new Mailmark Service.